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Korcula, Croatia

Looking over the town, we could see across the channel to the mountainous Croatian mainland. This has been a popular tourist area for centuries. Ancient Greeks are said to have visited and brought their grapes to make wine. Marco Polo was born here and travellers come and go from near and far.

Korcula, Croatia

This was a delightful, well sheltered anchorage. One side of the bay is lined with quiet guest houses and an old wharf. Opposite is a camp site where lots of families enjoy their summer holidays. There is a small, sandy beach and safe swimming. The kids must find plenty to do to burn their energy because it is very quiet in the evenings. Even the music from the waterside bar is gentle and soothing. This is definitely a place to relax.

Korcula, Croatia

This is one of the shopping streets in town. There are no big stores. Gift shops, cafés and banks offer their services to visitors while butchers, grocers and bakers depend more on local trade.

Korcula, Croatia

Many of the towns and villages on the islands have survived for centuries, and the narrow streets and passageways have suffered only the feet of men, dogs, cats and the occasional donkey. They are cool, even in the afternoon heat and they are clean and not defaced by the graffiti that we have seen so often during our trip.

Korcula, Croatia

Even a bicycle can only get you part of the way home. Most of Croatia is mountainous, including the islands. Pirates, maurauders and invaders of many nationalities have come and gone so towns are often built quite densely, with defensive walls and sturdy gates.
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