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Camaret, France

We set off from Falmouth on Friday 13th. October at 1300 hrs. The next day we had made it to a new country. Camaret is an attractive little harbour town just a short distance from Brest. It was a shame we didn't have time for a better look around. We stayed just one night. The Bay of Biscay awaited us.

Camaret, France

There are hotels, bars and cafés all around the harbour. Even the wrecks are picturesque. We arrived late on Saturday evening and went sraight to the nearest café, we were so hungry. Everything was closing because we forgot to change our watches and it was much later than we thought. \r\n\r\nWe also had a problem with our money. Malcolm had some banknotes from his last visit to France, but that was some time ago. In the meantime, all the money had changed and we couldn't use any of the French currency we had with us!
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