Costa del Sol

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Costa del Sol, Spain

News reached us that Anna's sister Margrét was going to be in Lignano, near Venice, North Italy early in June. We decided to make an attempt to get there and meet her although it was now late April. It was a long way in a relatively short time - almost 3000km in one month.\r\n\r\nWe pointed the bow to the east and set off, sailing several times for 3 or 4 days non-stop. We swapped watches at four hour intervals and made the passage from Spain to Sardinia (900km) in five days. The wind was not always helpful and the naval exercises going on all around us kept us on our toes. Night sailing was much easier here. There were no fishing boats and as we were not close to any recognised shipping routes we saw few ships.\r\n\r\nThe naval boats were generally not very close but helicopters and jets buzzed around the sky. The submarines that appeared from nowhere in the darkness were, however, somewhat disconcerting!
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