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Ceuta, N. Africa

This bugler has more than one feather in his cap! All of the bands had uniforms but some were more ornate than others. Some of the bands played very well; others were very loud! \r\n\r\nThe longer processions had as many as four bands at different places in the line. Some were standard wind bands, others used just drums and bugles. \r\nMany of the players had small battery-powered lamps clipped to their instruments so they could read the music in the darker sidestreets.\r\n

Ceuta, N. Africa

These are the penitents. They are the main participants in the processions and dozens of them file past each evening. They are members of brotherhoods, each of which has its own colours and badge. We were very surprised when we first saw these long lines of strangely clad figures. The long walk is an act of penance but they must do it anonymously. Some of them walked bearfooted. This is a custom that you can see in many large towns and cities in Southern Spain. Both men and women wear this curious uniform.

Ceuta, N. Africa

The colour of the robes varies between the different religious societies that take part. They carry staves, crosses, crooks or candles and thread their way through the streets lined with thousands of onlookers. The penitents allow no part of themselves to be seen. Only their eyes peer out of the two holes cut in the hood. The evening breeze can be a problem if it catches this high, unweildly headgear.

Ceuta, N. Africa

These black-robed penitents took part in the very last procession. On Good Friday they started early in the morning and wound their way around town all day and long into the night.
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