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Peniche, Portugal

This is a busy fishing port, but lots of the work is done by hand and everyone helps. We have seen hundreds of fishing boats all along the coast. Thousands of flags float in the sea to mark the positions of the nets they lay. Their movements are erratic and unpredictable so we sail well out from land where there are fewer floating obstacles to negotiate.

Peniche, Portugal

In these pictures there is always just one net! Interesting to see them here, but not something we want to meet once we get out to sea. They can cause serious problems if they get tangled in a propellor or wrapped around a rudder and we have met too many boats that have suffered an entanglement of that kind.

Peniche, Portugal

Everyone helps and while the youger men make good on the boat the women (and a few old salts) repair any damage to the vast patchwork of nets.
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