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Ceuta, N. Africa

Each of the floats carries life-sized effigies depicting one of the events of the Easter period. This is one of the first tableaux - Christ entering Jerusalem on a donkey. Hundreds of people make long lines behind the floats which are illuminated by the light of dozens of candles. The bands play their sombre music.

Ceuta, N. Africa

The floats are very heavy and a group of around 30 men (in one case women) carried them along the route which took as much as 5-6 hours to complete. Turning corners and manouevering around the narrow streets demanded fine co-ordination.

Ceuta, N. Africa

Some of the participants were much as you might expect to see in any parade at this time of year, especially on Palm Sunday. These children were late to bed this particular evening. They walked the whole route and finally made it to the end well after midnight.

Ceuta, N. Africa

Groups of women dressed in black followed some of the floats. They wore identical styles and headgear and carried the same staves and beads.
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