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Vilamoura, Portugal

Most of the coast of the Algarve region of Portugal is developed and buildings of all shapes and sizes line the cliffs and coastlines. \r\n\r\nWe were, however, always pleased to see the lighthouses. We sailed many times overnight and even though we used GPS satellite navigation equipment we were always pleased to see the lights blinking on the horizon; and every single one of them was there in place, shining brightly, just like the charts told us they should be.

Lagos, Portugal

Fishing boats use the dock - they are mostly smaller than we have met on the way here. However, the variety of fish on display in the fish markets is as colourful as ever. The weather changed as we were about to leave Lagos. The sun shone more, the sea (and the sky) turned blue and tourists appeared on the streets in shorts and teeshirts. \r\n\r\nThe coastline is magnificent. There are golden beaches, rocky coves and always a cafe within easy walking distance. (Coffee in Portugal is dangerous. They use three times as much coffee in cups the size of a schnapps glass. One cup is enough to wake you up after the heaviest night on the town.)

Lagos, Portugal

The cliffs are quite high so paths and stairs wind down to sea-level. This is one of the more interesting arrangements we saw.

Vilamoura, Portugal

Here we are in Vilamoura, sailing capital of the Algarve. This is the biggest marina we have seen so far on our trip, with space for over 1000 boats in one basin. Although there are lots of boats, the water is surprisingly clear and we can see fish swimming all around the boats. Unfortunately they are grey mullet that eat all sorts of horrible stuff they find on or under the boats. They ingest poisonous antifouling paint off the hulls, so they are inedible and no one shows any interest in catching them.

Vilamoura, Portugal

This was our last stop in Portugal. We found the land to be one of contrasts. The highrise blocks are 5-star hotels. We don't know who lives in the hovels in the foreground but we have seen residences like this in most towns.
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