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The Rock, Gibraltar

Here is Charlotte (Malcolm's daughter) with a couple of her monkey friends. The apes are 'wild' in that they live freely on the slopes of The Rock but they are so used to human attention that they are fearless and expect food from everyone.

The Rock, Gibraltar

Barbary apes can grow to a fair size and they can be aggressive when it comes to finding food. Watch your sandwiches. They have learned all sorts of tricks, and they are especially adept at getting into half open bags and backpacks.

The Rock, Gibraltar

It's hard work being a monkey. All those tourists to entertain. Even apes have siesta time and take a midday nap.

The Rock, Gibraltar

The Rock itself is not as solid as you might expect. As well as dozens of man-made tunnels and caverns there is a vast, natural system of caves and tunnels. Stalagmites reach up towards the stalactites that dangle many meters from the ceilings. This is St. Michael's Cave where one cavern is so large it serves as a concert hall large enough for a full symphony orchestra and audience.
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