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The Rock, Gibraltar

This is not Gibraltar but it is the true southernmost point of mainland Europe: Tarifa, Spain. As we rounded the headland, the showers cleared and there was Morocco, just a few miles to the south. Now we really felt we were entering a new world. There were ships everywhere and a strict separation zone is in force - big ships must sail on the right - small boats keep close to the shore. An endless line of tankers, freighters, container ships, fishing boats and others ply their way into the open waters of the Atlantic while a similar number head into the Mediterranean.

The Rock, Gibraltar

We tied up in Marina Bay and after a good nights sleep we set off up The Rock. This is the view from the top looking towards the Spanish Costa del Sol to the north-east. In the 18th century, Spanish soldiers managed to climb this rockface using a shepherds' path. They were discovered before they could launch their surprise attack and the path was scraped away.

The Rock, Gibraltar

The distance between Europe and Africa is so small yet the cultural and economic differences are enormous. The mountains of Morocco are just a few kilometers away where there are people who dress differently, have different religions, follow a way of life quite unlike ours and live with poverty all around.\r\n\r\nAll this is a few minutes away by fast ferry.

The Rock, Gibraltar

Gibraltar is joined to Spain by a very narrow strip of land. The military airstrip also serves as the commercial airport and the runway was built across the narrow isthmus. The road to Spain (and the footpath) go across the runway so when you drive or walk from Gib to Spain you must beware of aircraft passing! The buildings in the foreground are part of the town of Gibraltar. On the other side of the runway is La Linea, Spain.
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