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La Coruña, Spain

We made it over Biscay. Not without mishap, as we hit a storm (or rather the storm hit us) and sustained some minor damage. However, getting to Northern Spain, we really felt like we were in a new land. La Coruña was a smart, tidy city full of smart, tidy people. We enjoyed our stay here (4 days) and everyone was very, very helpful.

La Coruña, Spain

We discovered siesta-time, which unfotunrately seems to coincide with our own period of highest activity. Shops close and the streets are deserted almost all afternoon, all year round. This square is crowded mornings, evenings and weekends, but most afternoons it's empty.\r\n\r\nAnd once again we got our times mixed up and went looking for a restaurant in the dead of night when we thought it was still 'late evening'.

Bayona, Spain

We sailed for about 30 hours to get from La Coruña to Bayona, where we tasted our first Spanish paella - delicious. We were still in a hurry to get further south and only stayed one night. However, it was not a very enjoyable night as we thought we had lost a purse with all our money and credit cards. Luckily we found it next morning floating in a pool of water in the bottom of the dinghy.
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