*** Update 2014 - This is our blog from 2000-01 telling the story of our sailing adventure. It's from a time when few people had heard the word "blog", and when a 1MP camera was pretty fancy equipment. This site remains unchanged since those days long gone, so the layout is basic and the photos are small and low in quality. If you read through these pages and want to see more (slightly larger) pictures, you will find our sailing albums on flickr: 2000-01 Sailing and other albums.
In September, 2000 we scraped together our savings and bought a boat. It is an old but trusty Nicholson 32, 10 metres long and weighing in at over 7 tons - a heavy-weight, long-keeled cruiser fit to venture out into open waters.

The boat lay on a mooring near Plymouth, South-west England, and we moved in as soon as the papers were signed. After a few days practicing and getting to know her we set off on our adventure which lasted a year, and stretched over 4000 nautical miles (over 7000km).

After crossing the Channel we had a stormy trip over Biscay. We visited several ports on the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, went around the corner and eventually arrived in Gibraltar. We spent a couple of months in the area of the Rock and while we were there we heard that Anna's sister, Margrét, would be travelling near Venice with a group of Icelandic musicians. We decided to go and meet her, but we were rather late setting off - our target was 2000 miles distant and we had just over a month to make it!

As you see on the chart, we headed straight across the Western Med. around Sicily and up into the Adriatic. We made it just in time, met Margrét then some other Icelandic friends in Ancona, Italy. We cruised more leisurely down the coast of Croatia to Dubrovnik where Malcolm's daughter Charlotte met us for some windy sailing.

Pictures from our cruise are on the following pages.

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